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Welcome to the Raptor Research Center

Learn about Boise State University’s collaborative research at the Strait of Gibraltar, Spain. Raptor Biologist and Raptor Research Center Director, Dr. Marc Bechard, and Intermountain Bird Observatory Executive Director, Greg Kaltenecker, discuss the relationship between Fundacion Migres and Boise State:

Boise State University Raptor Research in Tarifa, Spain

See also the Photo of the Week – September 15 and share in the experience of visiting Tarifa, Spain, and volunteering with the wildlife monitoring program with Fundacion Migres.

Established in 1987, the Raptor Research Center (RRC) supports graduate education for the unique Master of Science in Raptor Biology degree from the Department of Biological Sciences at Boise State University. The center conducts research and provides technical assistance about birds of prey and other wildlife. The RRC also provides support for the Idaho Bird Observatory and the center cooperates with other organizations, such as The Peregrine Fund, that share mutual interests in the basic biology of raptors and the conservation of natural resources.

The Raptor Research Center provides teaching assistantships and research support to graduate students and to faculty associated with the Raptor Biology graduate degree program. Students can conduct research on a variety of topics and species in the laboratory, as local field projects, or in international settings.

Raptor Research Center scientists conduct grant-based research with a variety of wildlife species and diverse conservation issues.

Visit the “Boise State is for the Birds” webpage!

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