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Injured Bird

Resources for questions about injured or nuisance birds of prey.

If someone has found an injured or apparently ill bird they may call:

  • Ruth Melichar Bird Center – 208-338-0897 (Hotline number)
    4650 N. 36th St., Boise
  • Animals in Distress Association – 208-367-1026

If the person cannot reach a rehabilitator and the bird appears to need immediate first aid or emergency treatment, try:

  • Treasure Valley Veterinary Hospital
    2600 S. Meridian Rd., Meridian
  • Long Valley Vet Clinic – Janet Houlihan
    13712 Highway 55, McCall
  • Dr. Dale Smith
    New Meadows
    (Central Idaho Vet Clinic is closed but he still gives first aid to birds. His son, Mark, also treats injured birds. Call and arrange to bring the bird to him.)

Veterinarians are authorized to do basic triage, stabilization and transfer, but not rehabilitation, without a rehabilitation permit.

If a raptor is perceived to be aggressive, a nuisance, or potential threat, the person should contact:

  • Idaho Wildlife Services – 208-373-1630; Toll-Free Number: 1-866-4USDAWS
    Todd Grimm, State Director
    USDA APHIS Wildlife Services – Idaho
  • Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game – 208-465-8465

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Pacific Region Rehabilitators – Idaho


  • Jennifer Jill Rockwell – 208-571-3555
  • Mady E. Rockwell – 208-344-0468

Clark Fork

  • American Heritage Wildlife Foundation – 208-266-1488


  • Robert Aaron Randell – 208-423-4268


  • Snowden Wildlife Sanctuary – 208-634-8050


  • James Orville McKinley – 208-585-2203


  • Ryan Gainor Law – 208-596-4004

Moyie Springs

  • Kenneth L. English – 208-267-9088


  • Monte F. Tish  208-463-8819


  • Leslie Lee Schwindt – 208-530-0819

Saint Maries

  • Birds of Prey Northwest – 208-245-1367